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Remember Tucktonia

We have managed to put together a collection of memorabilia relating to the now demolished Tucktonia.

  • Steam Train
    Tucktonia's Steam Railway Postcard
  • Tickets
    Tucktonia Admission Tickets
  • Token
    Tucktonia Token

Below are two Tucktonia brochures. The first, a leaflet was very kindly provided by Karen Goldman. Produced in the 70's this guide depicts some of the exciting areas covered in the model village. The art work for this leaflet was done by Karen's late Uncle, the artist Frank Langford.

The second is a brochure called 'Discover Tucktonia'. This describes the models that were once at Tucktonia and has descriptions of each.

Click the pictures below to browse them both.

  • Memories of Tucktonia
  • Discover Tucktonia